All about dating online by someone who's seen it all!

How to survive fake strip clubs, see naked girls and stay alive

I know I am usually talking about online dating. But sometimes when an annoying thing is happening, you want to share it with the poor people who have to read about your shit… So what happened to me? Well me and my mates went to the centre of London for some drinks, nothing unusual, but unfortunately, we decided to go to the Soho. I don’t know if you know this place in London, but in one hand, this is the place for all the post production houses, the tv companies, the recording studios and all sorts of creative company. On the other hand you have the strip clubs, the peep shows, etc… so you could find a nice pub with cool crowd for a beer, and you can obviously get something else. Our mistake was that we suddenly felt spontaneous – which you should be in some cases in your life, and shouldn’t in others. Some guy approached us and offered us to pop to a certain club and see some strip shows. To be honest until he offered that we were more into having a beer than anything else, but as soon as the offer got presented, we couldn’t take the naked girls pictures out of our heads. We entered the club which was empty, much like fake dating websites… but there were couple of girls over there, and as soon as we entered they sat next to us. I am not naïve, and I knew exactly what is going to happen. Those girls will ask us to buy them a drink, and then we will be charged hundreds of pounds for the fake champagne they ordered. So I was nice and polite, but when she asked me real quietly if I would buy her a drink, I immediately said no grabbed my friend and planned to leave the place. We were next to the door when a guy approached us and ask us where we going, “we decided not to spend time here after all” we answered. “but what about the drinks your girlfriends has before you arrived?” he answered… Well to be honest I was shocked. I knew about this stings before, but this was too much, it was just a plain robbery. We told the guy (and his friend) that we are not tourist, and that we work in the area, and we are not afraid to go to the police. He and his friend told us that we should be afraid, but it seemed that we broke their spirit, we didn’t wait a minute and we escaped from the place. I cant believe that in central London there are places who exist only to rob you… I know tourists look like fat wallet to some criminals, but im sure this is one step too far. So here are my tips… First – if you want to go to a strip club, go online and make a research. Sometimes these guys are smart so the first page of results might include great reviews. Don’t settle on the first page and go straight to the third… if you don’t read about poor people like me, you are safe Secondly- if you enter an empty club, no matter what you think or the décor looks like, just leave. And finally – never enter a club because some guy invites you in… If you do like to visit some better places to see girls and not get robbed, check this video, which I should have checked earlier… and if you know about any good places (or fake places) anywhere in the world, please share it with me…


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