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Would you like to date Charlie Sheen?

Few weeks ago the entire world was amazed to see how Charlie Sheen got crazy after his hit sitcom “two and a half man” got cancelled and his career looks dead. Funny enough, this move happened to because the star got caught parting with porn stars (which he did), had domestic problems with his wife (he had) or his cocaine addiction, it happened because he insulted the man who created the show Chuck Lorre, the man who is responsible for other hit show “the Big Bang Theory”.

So how all this connected with the dating supermarket? Well, imagine that you are using an online dating service, you see a great picture of a guy (Charlie does look great for his age) you click on that and open his profile, and then you discover that this guy is a mad man, would you still go out with him?

I know that so far in this blog I explained again and again that the most important thing we always forget to do when we build our dating profile, is to give our online photo a makeover… but not the kind of makeover that require us to go on a diet or change our hairstyle (which you could obviously do as well) but the kind of makeover that you could do to your best looking photo while you use photoshop or you go to an online service such as www.looking-better, and pay them to do so for you.

But what happens after you get your picture done? Is this enough to increase your date rate? Well, this is a complex question. If we go back to our example of Charlie… how many woman would click on him and then run away after they read about his crazy character?

So even with our improved picture we still require having the right profile. There are many websites and tips on how to do that, and I will summarize some of the tips in my next post, but there are 2 unconventional tips that I would like to share with you now, both been tested and proved working…

First tip on building your profile is based on the type of online dating service you are using. If it has the option to start one on one chat with the potential date then you can choose to build the mysterious profile… in other words, build your profile in such way that it will make the other website curios about one or more things you wrote for example… if you like watching movies, don’t write it like that say in your hobbies that you are attracted to dark place with strange vibes… etc… this will immediately help trigger the conversation. You can add couple of “interesting” mysterious facts about yourself, and plan how you will answer them in a funny way in the chat.

Another unconventional tip that my friend used and I was surprised to see its success was to basically build the opposite profile than a person expects to see in a dating website… in other words describe yourself like Charlie Sheen would do… my friend wrote about himself that he is a liar, two face, coward etc… he said that his hobbies includes flings, reading Russian novels and not paying on his date… well you can imagine the rest…

If you think this is a radical way to build a profile you might be right, but if you have a great sense of humour, than this profile will allow you to brand yourself differently in the dating supermarket… and in any case, you can just experiment with that… change your profile, give it couple of days, and if you don’t like the results change it back…

I will be happy to hear your thoughts about how to improve your dating profile, actually I will be happy just to hear your thoughts about all the posts… start commenting… and share my wisdom with all of your friends… let my supermarket grow to a chain of supermarkets…


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