All about dating online by someone who's seen it all!

Would you like to have a date with Cameron Diaz?

Well, some of you may politly say no , if they would bump into this photo on a dating websites, but then you will miss a chance to date Cameron (and she will miss a date with you),  isn’t that a shame?

Like any other supermarket, if you would like to have a successful product, you need to do the right advertising, and more important than that, the right package. Sounds shallow? Well think for a moment what make you pick one type of pasta over the other one? Why are you picking one type of Yogurt and not another? It is all about what catches the eye.

In a previous post “so it’s time to take a picture, but which one?” I mentioned that according to a research a dating website have made, certain type of pictures will immediately have more impact on your Facebook or Dating website, for example: guys should smile and look away of the camera, while girl need to put their flirty face and look directly into the camera. But before we take the picture with the right pose, we need to remember that this picture is now becoming our digital I.D. and the one thing that might make the difference between people clicking to open our profile or moving to the next person.

Much like in the production of a TV show, we need to start with the pre-production. In this stage we need to plan what clothes are we wearing, what kind of hair style fits us the most, what sort of background we would like to use and so on. My suggestion, pick more than one of each, so when you go to the production stage you will have enough options.

The production stage is the obvious one, but in these days of digital cameras, there is no reason to be cheap on photos. Make 50 of them if needed, it’s always better to have to choose between several pictures, rather than none.

Finally if we are continuing our “TV show” production… it is time for the post production stage. In this stage we have our picture, but in order not to take any risks when we upload it online, we need to start cleaning it, use perhaps some filters, erase some spots, and give our look a boost of 10-15 per cent. In my career as an editor on a magazine I was always amazed to see the before and after of celebrity photos, and not just plain photos, but a professional made ones.

Few years ago, only celebrities and wealthy people could enjoy the advantages of Photoshop, but thanks to the internet, everyone can watch couple of you tube movies and learn how to re touch his photos. I am a lazy guy so I uploaded my picture to and they did the work for me.

Now that we have our perfect picture “or at least the best picture we ever had” we can assume more people will check us on the dating supermarket, so in the next post I will give you the 10 commandments of what  you should and shouldn’t write on your profile,

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