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Danger! Fake dating websites.

Everyone is looking for love. We do almost everything we can in order to improve our chances to get one by using all kind of mobile or online services, so there will always be people who will take advantage of that and try to make you spend your money on fake services or websites…

The dating supermarket is a though place. It is packed with many types of websites and services, and there are millions of people who are looking for love at the same places… before we deal with some of the dangers online dating is showering on us, we have to remind you that the worst kind is the one we generously give ourselves – not building our profile in the best way. There are many websites, who will teach you how to right the best profile possible, but none of them tells you the most important thing, in order for people to read your interesting profile, they first need to click on it, and they will do so after they will examine your online photo. So the first thing you need to do is to read my old posts about what type of pictures you should put in your profile and after you pick the best one, don’t be lazy and enhance it a bit… don’t change your face, just improve it a bit by using Photoshop, or by using online service such as this will increase your dating chances in 20%-50% easily, but sometimes even the best photo and best profile will not do the job simply because the website or service you use are just fake…

So how can you spot a fake website? Here are couple of tips and insights that will save you money and anger…

1.       The business model of the website: there are free dating websites out there, but many people still prefer paying their online service. The question is when they are asking for money. Most websites will let you register for free, and even search for free; the demand for monthly rates arrives once you are trying to contact a potential partner. A fake websites in many cases will work differently. Once you register it will let you send massages to potential partners, but will ask you for money to open them up. You can easily see that if you take your photo off the website, and you will still get couple of massages very day (come on, who sends so many massages to a person with no photo?) the victims in these cases are usually the males…

2.       You start chatting with a potential partner on a free service, a forum, or some sort of website like Craig’s list or Gumtree, and suddenly they inform you that they no longer use this service, and suggest that you will continue this conversation in another website… well, that is extremely fishy, isn’t it? We are not in the online dating business to have online chats… either you want to meet us or not… never follow a person to a website, the same way you shouldn’t follow a person in a foreign city to “his place” or to a “cool club” the result is either you lose your money, or worse…

3.       Finally the last scam fake website use is to gain control on a legit service and mislead old users. This works mainly with old dating websites that went a bit obsolete, in this case crooks buy them or gain control over them and start sending fake massages to the people in their data bases. Suddenly you get an email that an old profile of yours is becoming popular… usually you can spot that they are fake as they will ask you to pay in order to open the massages you just got (which we already mentioned).

Lets use this post to help preventing fake website to ruin our supermarket. If you stumbled upon these kinds of websites, add its URL in a comment so people will know to keep away from them… after all, we are in the business of finding love, not getting ripped…


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  1. It is sad how people can be so cynical as to abuse someone’s else needs. Finding love and friendship in this harsh world is difficult enough and on top of it one needs to be alert at all times. Sad.

    March 9, 2011 at 9:37 am

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