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Is Facebook the new place to look for online dating?

I took couple of days off, and went to my hometown. Just to clear the head, and check on my last three single friends, well, at least I thought I have 3 single friends, imagine my surprise when I discovered one of them is not only dating someone, but she is already living at his place… my second friend was too busy meeting me as he had two dates, and it is all thanks to Facebook… curious? here are the full details.

Chuck is trying to break the records of being single… he is almost 40, and it always seemed that he will be single forever, and annoy us all with his dating stories, but than he joined Facebook. if you check Chuck page on Facebook, you will notice that his profile picture confirms that he is on a band. this is always a great pose to thake your photo when you are single and in your 40’s as this means that you are going for the rock and roll groupy crowd. The girl who managed to win him, actually spotted his picture, when she was bored one weekend and looked at one of her mate’s Facebook friends. she so Chuck picture, so his single status, and sent him a massage, thinking it is only for a one night stand on the weekend. well one night turned into two and than three, and as she did not have her own place, one morning she just stayed there, and that’s it. remember my last post about people who meet online tend to get marry faster? I think Chuck’s girl is aiming to break a record. can one photo really do the different? apparently, even on Facebook our photos are our ambassadors. they tell the rest of the world who we are, or who we feel we are. and choosing the right photo is clearly the way to attract potential dates…

My second friend, the one who was busy dating, actually changed his entire online dating strategy and shieft it towards Facebook. his new way of getting dates is by being introduced to single girls who are friends of his friends. last Tuesday he was suppose to meet up for the first time with a new girl which, funny enough, I used to work with. He showed me her facebook profile, and I couldn’t hold myself from having a little laugh… this girl, Tammy, really nailed her Facebook profile. Tammy is not a stunning girl, she is alright, but her Facebook profile told me another story. Tammy chose 4 or 5 great pictures of hers, all of them showing her in a very smart way… not too much flesh… one or two artistic ones, no pictures with kids (this is always makes the guys wonder), and one important picture of her holding a drink (boys like this type of pictures…)

I hope this date will go well for both my friend and Tammy, but this two stories, really expressed how online dating is evolving once more, and how clever we need to be about the way we present ourselves in this new section of the “Dating Supermarket” this is why improving your digital photos for Facebook, is now a smart thing to do, so sharp your Photoshop skills or use online services, such as . since I came back I have started to examine my friends Facebook page… want me to exam yours and analyze it in my next posts? not a problem, just send me your name, and I will check the pictures for you…

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see you…


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