All about dating online by someone who's seen it all!

Libya, Egypt and Online dating

As we are all watching the news coming from Libya, Egypt and the rest of the Arab world, we can indeed see the amazing power of the internet, and how it changed our world in ways no one could predict. The dating supermarket is just a small example, as today more and more couples are meeting online and find their love in the cyber world.

We went into our digital books, and tried to gather some interesting numbers for you to sum the unique changes in the romantic world.

First lets talk about the time it took people to hook up and get married. According to the website dating site reviews, it took a couple who met online 18.5 to date before they got married. Does this long to you? A couple who met elsewhere took their time a bit more, 42 months in average actually- 3.5 years. This is an amazing difference and it took us some time to bring our breath back after we discovered it.

Few minutes later, we actually started to have some glimpses from our own past, when we had to go out to find partners in bars and parties. In those days we never knew if the person that we are about to hit on is single or not. We did not know if they are recovering from a bad break and just looking for a rebound, in other words, we had to explore a lot of things before relationships could really be formed.

When you are using an online dating service, you have no questions. All the people in the website are supposed to be single and looking for a relationship. In certain websites they are also telling you what sort of relationship they are looking for, so you have already a lot of information about your potential partner before you go on your first date.

Is this the reason why online couple are getting married faster than other couples? Perhaps

Another interesting thing that we discovered on online dating came from AP apparently two states in the US had already created rules in order to protect the safety of people using dating websites. According to those rules, dating websites will have to  add safety tips to their service, and will have to run criminal background check on their members. Well we heard many stories about older man dating young girls they met online, but online dating is also attracting other types of criminals for example in June 2010 in the US a 35 year old  guy named Venkata Cattamanchi arranged a date with 23-year-old Jessica Ermatinger. After meeting at a restaurant, the pair traveled to a motel, where Cattamanchi was allegedly robbed and murdered by three men waiting there for him…

Well, we don’t want to scare you, this is not the purpose of this post (by the way, what’s scarier, the first fact or the second one?), but just remember, the dating supermarket could be a rough place sometimes.

So enjoy reading this blog, we will come back with more tips and stories.


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