All about dating online by someone who's seen it all!

Here is the best tip no one told you about online dating…

And here is the biggest secrets of all… you can get more dates if you look better. Yes… that’s all, you don’t need to take special lessons, you don’t need to have a dating coach, you just need to look better…

OK, let’s get serious, obviously dating gets easier if you are a very attractive person, but what happens if you are just an attractive person or even less? Well, that’s where things get a bit easier in the modern world of online dating.

Lets imagine you are about to go out tonight, what do you do? You take a shower… you put perfume… you dress up… you style you hair… in other words you are trying to make yourself look better than you look lets say on a Saturday morning in front of the TV.

Now lets think about online dating… how does this thing work? You either use a dating website, or you use a social network, but one way or the other you are trying to make an online move on somebody. Life online are similar to real life in one sense, if someone is making a move on me, first thing I do is to check their photo, isn’t it? If they look good, than the chances I will respond positively, grows.

And coming back to our bombastic headline;  How can you make more people respond positively to your online romantic moves? Improve your online dating photo, make yourself look better.

This is not a new invention you know, celebs are using software such as Photoshop to improve the way they look all the time. So why don’t you do the same? It doesn’t matter how good you look, if you are not using a professional photographer, a makeup artist and a stylist, your pictures will always be kind of OK, but they will never work for you. But if you fix the light, put some filters, and make an annoying zit or double chin disappear, than it is still your picture, but now it’s a better you.

If you are not a photoshop master, than you can easily learn some tricks by watching some online lectures on youtube or you can use an online service that will do the job for you for example:

The right way to improve your photo is not to change yourself completely, or the dates you will get online will become very short one in real life, but to do it smartly.


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