All about dating online by someone who's seen it all!

How can I get more dates online?

So you decided to spend some time and money in an effort to find love online. and now the next question you need to ask yourself is how to get more dates. Remember, dating websites are packed with many people in the same conditions as you, so don’t feel comfortable just by building a simple profile with a nice picture. to improve your online dating chances, you need to be smart, much like real life.
First you need to understand the territory. It’s the same as real life. if you meet a girl in a bar you will use a different tactics than if for example you will meet her in some friend wedding, wouldn’t you?
It’s the same online. You have many different environments to look for love, and each one requires you to act differently. For example: if you are looking for a date on Facebook, than your best chance is to check all your friend friends, right? But after you identify a potential date, you would probably ask that friend some details about them, and the most important one, is this potential date is actually available. If the answer is yes, then you might contact her, but then you know what will happen… she or he will check your Facebook profile, examine your pictures, your friends and probably have a chat with your mutual friend. All this can be avoided on a dating website, but dating websites do come with their own little challenges.
There are many dating websites, and the only way people who launches a website could differentiate themselves from one another, is by giving their website something unique. One way is the payment model of the website. Certain sites are free, which means that you don’t have to take the financial risk by joining them (plus, some people do feel funny about paying to find dates.,,) however, when you don’t pay for something you tend to treat is differently then something you do pay for which means, your potential dates on the website, are not that serious about their participation in the dating game.
Secondly, different website describes their service differently. Some say that they are trying to match people by using special algorithms that supposed to do the matching hustle for you and introduce you only to the right people, other website will ask you for your basic search requirement and will bomb you with hundreds of potential dates.
Imagine that the person you are trying to date is also using the same website, so how will they react in each scenario? I participated few years ago in a beta stage of a dating website that was built by a psychology professor who claimed that by answering his special questionnaire, he can find you your perfect match. At the end of the process I have received an email with 10 names of girls who are not only the girls I am looking for, but I am the guy that they are seeking. I tried to contact the girls, and the result was almost 100% everyone felt that this is a risk worth taken, and although none of us used a picture, we all wanted to meet each other… I did not find the love of my life, but at least it was a busy winter.
So identify your potential website for your dating game. And let’s move to the next level.


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