All about dating online by someone who's seen it all!

Why is it time to find love online?

All of my friends, who got married, met their partners online
What does it tell about us as a society? Well, it depends on the way you prefer analyzing the world. If you have the pessimist view, than you can easy say, that it means that we are lazy, we lost the ability to create a real human connection, and if we want to take a reference from the kitchen; we prefer eating a microwave dinner, than cook a proper meal.
However, If you have an optimistic view about life, than it is easy to see the beauty of online dating, because, to be honest, with how many people do we actually meet on the day to day bases? I would even argue and say, that in modern culture, the real selection of potential partner outside of the online world is so much limited, that we might end up compromising when picking a partner, only because he or she are the only suitable options we met in a long time… you don’t believe me? Lets have a little test; how does your life look? You wake up in the morning (didn’t meet no one so far) you go to work (it’s not polite to talk with people on public transportation, and if you have a car, than the only person you meet is the DJ in the radio – so still no romance candidates) you spend half of your day at work, meeting more or less the same people, if you will date anyone of them and it will end, the consequences could be terrible, plus by now you probably did try to make a move on any suitable colleagues and you are still a single, so no chance here… finally you go back home and watch TV or go online until you fall asleep…
So what about the weekends? What about going out with friends? Well, I’m sure you did it, and discovered that you need a lot of guts to make a move on a girl or a guy in the middle of a bar, plus you don’t think you look like a movie actor and you scarred from rejection, so you become lazy and end up another night out with no potential partner.
And then they invented the internet.
Someone who couldn’t get a date (for sure) came up with this brilliant idea that he will develop a tool to start talking with woman without actually talking to them, so he invented the net, and don’t let any other theories convince you differently, and suddenly each and every one of us, can join and shop in the biggest dating supermarket in the world, and explore the potential to meet almost anyone.
In this blog I am going to share with you my stories, from exploring different dating websites, I would also tell you couple of stories about getting dates from Facebook.  Finally I will share with you  stories from my dating attempts, and will try to give  (mainly to the guys) couple of tips on how to get better results (or at least learn from my experience).
I hope you enjoy the blog, and don’t be shy – this is an interactive relationship so comment as much as you like.

2 responses

  1. Ed

    Today the selection is so narrow… so true! and with the disappearance of the traditional matchmakers all we are left with are online sites and the mercy of our friends to set us up with their single friend 😦

    February 23, 2011 at 4:36 pm

    • well, its a new game with new rules…

      March 6, 2011 at 8:40 am

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