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How to survive fake strip clubs, see naked girls and stay alive

I know I am usually talking about online dating. But sometimes when an annoying thing is happening, you want to share it with the poor people who have to read about your shit… So what happened to me? Well me and my mates went to the centre of London for some drinks, nothing unusual, but unfortunately, we decided to go to the Soho. I don’t know if you know this place in London, but in one hand, this is the place for all the post production houses, the tv companies, the recording studios and all sorts of creative company. On the other hand you have the strip clubs, the peep shows, etc… so you could find a nice pub with cool crowd for a beer, and you can obviously get something else. Our mistake was that we suddenly felt spontaneous – which you should be in some cases in your life, and shouldn’t in others. Some guy approached us and offered us to pop to a certain club and see some strip shows. To be honest until he offered that we were more into having a beer than anything else, but as soon as the offer got presented, we couldn’t take the naked girls pictures out of our heads. We entered the club which was empty, much like fake dating websites… but there were couple of girls over there, and as soon as we entered they sat next to us. I am not naïve, and I knew exactly what is going to happen. Those girls will ask us to buy them a drink, and then we will be charged hundreds of pounds for the fake champagne they ordered. So I was nice and polite, but when she asked me real quietly if I would buy her a drink, I immediately said no grabbed my friend and planned to leave the place. We were next to the door when a guy approached us and ask us where we going, “we decided not to spend time here after all” we answered. “but what about the drinks your girlfriends has before you arrived?” he answered… Well to be honest I was shocked. I knew about this stings before, but this was too much, it was just a plain robbery. We told the guy (and his friend) that we are not tourist, and that we work in the area, and we are not afraid to go to the police. He and his friend told us that we should be afraid, but it seemed that we broke their spirit, we didn’t wait a minute and we escaped from the place. I cant believe that in central London there are places who exist only to rob you… I know tourists look like fat wallet to some criminals, but im sure this is one step too far. So here are my tips… First – if you want to go to a strip club, go online and make a research. Sometimes these guys are smart so the first page of results might include great reviews. Don’t settle on the first page and go straight to the third… if you don’t read about poor people like me, you are safe Secondly- if you enter an empty club, no matter what you think or the décor looks like, just leave. And finally – never enter a club because some guy invites you in… If you do like to visit some better places to see girls and not get robbed, check this video, which I should have checked earlier… and if you know about any good places (or fake places) anywhere in the world, please share it with me…


Would you like to date Charlie Sheen?

Few weeks ago the entire world was amazed to see how Charlie Sheen got crazy after his hit sitcom “two and a half man” got cancelled and his career looks dead. Funny enough, this move happened to because the star got caught parting with porn stars (which he did), had domestic problems with his wife (he had) or his cocaine addiction, it happened because he insulted the man who created the show Chuck Lorre, the man who is responsible for other hit show “the Big Bang Theory”.

So how all this connected with the dating supermarket? Well, imagine that you are using an online dating service, you see a great picture of a guy (Charlie does look great for his age) you click on that and open his profile, and then you discover that this guy is a mad man, would you still go out with him?

I know that so far in this blog I explained again and again that the most important thing we always forget to do when we build our dating profile, is to give our online photo a makeover… but not the kind of makeover that require us to go on a diet or change our hairstyle (which you could obviously do as well) but the kind of makeover that you could do to your best looking photo while you use photoshop or you go to an online service such as www.looking-better, and pay them to do so for you.

But what happens after you get your picture done? Is this enough to increase your date rate? Well, this is a complex question. If we go back to our example of Charlie… how many woman would click on him and then run away after they read about his crazy character?

So even with our improved picture we still require having the right profile. There are many websites and tips on how to do that, and I will summarize some of the tips in my next post, but there are 2 unconventional tips that I would like to share with you now, both been tested and proved working…

First tip on building your profile is based on the type of online dating service you are using. If it has the option to start one on one chat with the potential date then you can choose to build the mysterious profile… in other words, build your profile in such way that it will make the other website curios about one or more things you wrote for example… if you like watching movies, don’t write it like that say in your hobbies that you are attracted to dark place with strange vibes… etc… this will immediately help trigger the conversation. You can add couple of “interesting” mysterious facts about yourself, and plan how you will answer them in a funny way in the chat.

Another unconventional tip that my friend used and I was surprised to see its success was to basically build the opposite profile than a person expects to see in a dating website… in other words describe yourself like Charlie Sheen would do… my friend wrote about himself that he is a liar, two face, coward etc… he said that his hobbies includes flings, reading Russian novels and not paying on his date… well you can imagine the rest…

If you think this is a radical way to build a profile you might be right, but if you have a great sense of humour, than this profile will allow you to brand yourself differently in the dating supermarket… and in any case, you can just experiment with that… change your profile, give it couple of days, and if you don’t like the results change it back…

I will be happy to hear your thoughts about how to improve your dating profile, actually I will be happy just to hear your thoughts about all the posts… start commenting… and share my wisdom with all of your friends… let my supermarket grow to a chain of supermarkets…

Sex Chats, Australian teens and Facebook online dating

Interesting headline, doesn’t it? I thought I saw it all in the online dating world, but I didn’t, the dating supermarket managed to surprise even me… here is how online dating takes it into the next level…

Since I have started this blog, I also joined several groups on Facebook, mainly to read some of the thoughts of people around the world about love, sex and online dating… I have contribute some of mine, not long after that I began receiving some friend requests, mainly for woman (how lucky I am) who live far away from me (not that lucky I guess).

Few day ago I was watching TV, and my blackberry announced that i have a massage, it was another friend request from a girl in a bikini. The first thought in my head was, well, it’s a girl in bikini, lets confirm her, friendship on Facebook became something cheap… a minute later I had another massage, “Hi,”, now I became suspicious, writing you several time about fake online dating website and scams I was sure I am just becoming a potential target for one… “Hi 2 u 2” I replied, still on the blackberry, thinking that im going to toy around with the 50 year old Nigerian who is probably in the other side of the chat.

“Im bored and horny” came another massage, and I started smiling, he doesn’t know who is he dealing with… I thought, I am the man behind the dating supermarket, I so it all and done it all… “I am horny too, what can we do about it?” I answered.

“Touch me…” another massage, and now I decided to finally abandon my blackberry and check this profile on the website.

How can you recognize a fake website? It’s easy, the person has very little friends, and usually they are all horny guys. Another good tip is that the profile is packed with things they like as movies or music artists to cover the lack of friends. Imagine my surprise when I realized that the person who started the sex chat was an Australian girl 16 years old with more than 400 friends, and more than that her wall was packed with conversations a 16 year old girl would have with friends on her age…

Obviously, this was the end of our conversation, and it also made me curious about what is the next step the dating supermarket is taking us… the secret behind fake website who are offering us to find people just for sex is based on the fact that a lot of people are looking for the easy way to get what they want, but most of these people are man, at least this is what you learn when you read to complaints of victims who paid for the websites… but is there a change in the air? Is this 16 bored teenage from Australia represents a new generation of girls who are also looking to find an easy way to get into the dirty thing?

What do you think? Are we on the path of revolution? In if so, can someone point me to the nearest time machine? I would like to be a teenage again…




Can you really find easy ways to get sex online?

I know that my Blog is called the dating supermarket, but we all know that not all the people who go to dating websites are actually look for dates… so I am raising the forbidden question, can you really find websites who help you find sex online?

When I just started to use online dating websites, I mainly used two websites. Both of the websites behaved in the same way, had the same business model, and charged me more or less the same (much less than websites charge today). But there was a big difference between them. Somehow, whenever I met a girl from one website things were always complicated, the girl did not know what she wants from our relationship, and the result were usually couple of frustrating dates and that’s it, and from the other website I met easy going girls, and even if the dating did not evolve to a relationship we had a nice fling.

After a while these consistent behaviour led me to believe that online website might develop a special character, or are they sometimes just receive a certain mark by the single community? This is the website for people who seek relationship, while this is the easy going website?

Lately these question became a bit more relevant as many online services are operating directly with one promise to find you someone to have sex with… a great example is: which promises to introduce you to real people in your area who are looking for a… fling.

Is life became that easy for people who are looking for sex? For years we have learned that in order to get what we want we need to pput some effort, but is it all changed now by technology?

In one of my recent posts I mentioned the concept of fake dating website, but is this rules also appeal on website who are offering us a quick way to have sex? I have tried to Google some stories about in order to figure this out. They have great SEO, so in most of the pages I have found only great reviews. But I know my Google, and I kept looking, and then I discovered this:

I tested this site. I was a free member to start and my mailbox was full of beautiful women in my town. After I became a paid member, the mail stopped. When I went into the (IM) to contact the women who wrote to me, I found out their real address was on the other side of the country (2000 miles away) Even after I (IM) them, they still refused to answer back. I wrote to the company and they showed me the (fine-print) in the agreement where it states some members are models
Read more: Is real people? | Answerbag

Or that:

Just a heads up to anyone who might spend any money on this site. I actually signed up for a month so I was already a paying member. Messaged a bunch of girls and got reponses back within the day and they all had the same story. Send me an email to my personal hotmail account so we can chat. After the inital message no response through the website or the personal email accounts. Every time you go to the site some of the girls on the first page are the same but a different city every time. Complete scam don’t spend your moneyl

Or that:

I joined a couple days ago, and have been having the same experience. The women chat me up…from overseas!…and want to get my credit card to chat outside the site. The two women who have replied to my messages have both sent me a hotmail address. One wants me to verify my age at a different site. I am believing I wasted my money.

So this sounds to me very similar to the experience that I had. Don’t get me wrong, I believe that any website who offer a direct link to sex will always attract man who are seeking for the easy solution, and it might event attract few girls, but if you are considering the fact that technically the real people in the website might be scattered around 4 continents (at least) you ask yourself how relevant can this thing be for me…

Having said that, I did discover one thing that you may get online quite fast… free online sex chats, at least I got few… read my next post and learn more… and until next time, just subscribe to my blog, so you won’t miss anything in the future, and you may want to read some of my past posts for example: how to take the best photo to your online dating website, how to improve your online dating chance, and how to start finding dates on facebook…

Would you like to have a date with Cameron Diaz?

Well, some of you may politly say no , if they would bump into this photo on a dating websites, but then you will miss a chance to date Cameron (and she will miss a date with you),  isn’t that a shame?

Like any other supermarket, if you would like to have a successful product, you need to do the right advertising, and more important than that, the right package. Sounds shallow? Well think for a moment what make you pick one type of pasta over the other one? Why are you picking one type of Yogurt and not another? It is all about what catches the eye.

In a previous post “so it’s time to take a picture, but which one?” I mentioned that according to a research a dating website have made, certain type of pictures will immediately have more impact on your Facebook or Dating website, for example: guys should smile and look away of the camera, while girl need to put their flirty face and look directly into the camera. But before we take the picture with the right pose, we need to remember that this picture is now becoming our digital I.D. and the one thing that might make the difference between people clicking to open our profile or moving to the next person.

Much like in the production of a TV show, we need to start with the pre-production. In this stage we need to plan what clothes are we wearing, what kind of hair style fits us the most, what sort of background we would like to use and so on. My suggestion, pick more than one of each, so when you go to the production stage you will have enough options.

The production stage is the obvious one, but in these days of digital cameras, there is no reason to be cheap on photos. Make 50 of them if needed, it’s always better to have to choose between several pictures, rather than none.

Finally if we are continuing our “TV show” production… it is time for the post production stage. In this stage we have our picture, but in order not to take any risks when we upload it online, we need to start cleaning it, use perhaps some filters, erase some spots, and give our look a boost of 10-15 per cent. In my career as an editor on a magazine I was always amazed to see the before and after of celebrity photos, and not just plain photos, but a professional made ones.

Few years ago, only celebrities and wealthy people could enjoy the advantages of Photoshop, but thanks to the internet, everyone can watch couple of you tube movies and learn how to re touch his photos. I am a lazy guy so I uploaded my picture to and they did the work for me.

Now that we have our perfect picture “or at least the best picture we ever had” we can assume more people will check us on the dating supermarket, so in the next post I will give you the 10 commandments of what  you should and shouldn’t write on your profile,

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Danger! Fake dating websites.

Everyone is looking for love. We do almost everything we can in order to improve our chances to get one by using all kind of mobile or online services, so there will always be people who will take advantage of that and try to make you spend your money on fake services or websites…

The dating supermarket is a though place. It is packed with many types of websites and services, and there are millions of people who are looking for love at the same places… before we deal with some of the dangers online dating is showering on us, we have to remind you that the worst kind is the one we generously give ourselves – not building our profile in the best way. There are many websites, who will teach you how to right the best profile possible, but none of them tells you the most important thing, in order for people to read your interesting profile, they first need to click on it, and they will do so after they will examine your online photo. So the first thing you need to do is to read my old posts about what type of pictures you should put in your profile and after you pick the best one, don’t be lazy and enhance it a bit… don’t change your face, just improve it a bit by using Photoshop, or by using online service such as this will increase your dating chances in 20%-50% easily, but sometimes even the best photo and best profile will not do the job simply because the website or service you use are just fake…

So how can you spot a fake website? Here are couple of tips and insights that will save you money and anger…

1.       The business model of the website: there are free dating websites out there, but many people still prefer paying their online service. The question is when they are asking for money. Most websites will let you register for free, and even search for free; the demand for monthly rates arrives once you are trying to contact a potential partner. A fake websites in many cases will work differently. Once you register it will let you send massages to potential partners, but will ask you for money to open them up. You can easily see that if you take your photo off the website, and you will still get couple of massages very day (come on, who sends so many massages to a person with no photo?) the victims in these cases are usually the males…

2.       You start chatting with a potential partner on a free service, a forum, or some sort of website like Craig’s list or Gumtree, and suddenly they inform you that they no longer use this service, and suggest that you will continue this conversation in another website… well, that is extremely fishy, isn’t it? We are not in the online dating business to have online chats… either you want to meet us or not… never follow a person to a website, the same way you shouldn’t follow a person in a foreign city to “his place” or to a “cool club” the result is either you lose your money, or worse…

3.       Finally the last scam fake website use is to gain control on a legit service and mislead old users. This works mainly with old dating websites that went a bit obsolete, in this case crooks buy them or gain control over them and start sending fake massages to the people in their data bases. Suddenly you get an email that an old profile of yours is becoming popular… usually you can spot that they are fake as they will ask you to pay in order to open the massages you just got (which we already mentioned).

Lets use this post to help preventing fake website to ruin our supermarket. If you stumbled upon these kinds of websites, add its URL in a comment so people will know to keep away from them… after all, we are in the business of finding love, not getting ripped…

Is Facebook the new place to look for online dating?

I took couple of days off, and went to my hometown. Just to clear the head, and check on my last three single friends, well, at least I thought I have 3 single friends, imagine my surprise when I discovered one of them is not only dating someone, but she is already living at his place… my second friend was too busy meeting me as he had two dates, and it is all thanks to Facebook… curious? here are the full details.

Chuck is trying to break the records of being single… he is almost 40, and it always seemed that he will be single forever, and annoy us all with his dating stories, but than he joined Facebook. if you check Chuck page on Facebook, you will notice that his profile picture confirms that he is on a band. this is always a great pose to thake your photo when you are single and in your 40’s as this means that you are going for the rock and roll groupy crowd. The girl who managed to win him, actually spotted his picture, when she was bored one weekend and looked at one of her mate’s Facebook friends. she so Chuck picture, so his single status, and sent him a massage, thinking it is only for a one night stand on the weekend. well one night turned into two and than three, and as she did not have her own place, one morning she just stayed there, and that’s it. remember my last post about people who meet online tend to get marry faster? I think Chuck’s girl is aiming to break a record. can one photo really do the different? apparently, even on Facebook our photos are our ambassadors. they tell the rest of the world who we are, or who we feel we are. and choosing the right photo is clearly the way to attract potential dates…

My second friend, the one who was busy dating, actually changed his entire online dating strategy and shieft it towards Facebook. his new way of getting dates is by being introduced to single girls who are friends of his friends. last Tuesday he was suppose to meet up for the first time with a new girl which, funny enough, I used to work with. He showed me her facebook profile, and I couldn’t hold myself from having a little laugh… this girl, Tammy, really nailed her Facebook profile. Tammy is not a stunning girl, she is alright, but her Facebook profile told me another story. Tammy chose 4 or 5 great pictures of hers, all of them showing her in a very smart way… not too much flesh… one or two artistic ones, no pictures with kids (this is always makes the guys wonder), and one important picture of her holding a drink (boys like this type of pictures…)

I hope this date will go well for both my friend and Tammy, but this two stories, really expressed how online dating is evolving once more, and how clever we need to be about the way we present ourselves in this new section of the “Dating Supermarket” this is why improving your digital photos for Facebook, is now a smart thing to do, so sharp your Photoshop skills or use online services, such as . since I came back I have started to examine my friends Facebook page… want me to exam yours and analyze it in my next posts? not a problem, just send me your name, and I will check the pictures for you…

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see you…